A Peaceful Expat Life in Ecuador

Requires insurance that you know you can rely on.

Our clients speak for us.

“We recently used the services of Daniela Cordero of Cuenca Expat Insurance in order to secure health insurance coverage for the two of us. Based on our needs, she presented us with a variety of options and explained them all to us clearly. Daniela was prompt to answer our calls, and patient in helping us to navigate the details of a health insurance system that is new to us.

We selected a plan that suits our needs at a very agreeable cost. What really gives us comfort is the level of service she offers once the insurance is in place. Being new to Ecuador and not fluent in the language, knowing that she will be available to assist us with our medical appointments and claims is priceless.”

Ed C.

“Daniela Cordero is the only person you need for your health insurance. Last week when I fell and broke my hip I remembered that Daniela had said, ”If you need me, any time, call me.” I called her and she was there in ten minutes. She called the ambulance and met them at my building, had an excellent surgeon waiting, rode with me in the ambulance, stayed with me until the surgery was finished, got the report from the surgeon, filled out all paperwork and got my prescriptions for me. Of course, she arranged for the ambulance to bring me home and trained people to care for me when I got there. She calls to check on me. She bought me a box of chocolates.”

Dona N.

We struck gold with Daniela Cordero. Health Insurance was reasonably priced with good benefits and her customer service is outstanding. She is always prompt in answering questions helping with appointments and submitting forms… So glad we found her! Cuenca Expat Insurance


“Daniela has been like family to us. She has placed our order by phone for meds to be delivered to us, and followed up to insured we got them. The services she has provided to us goes well beyond our health insurance agent. She feels like a long-time friend and extended family member. We love her!”

John R.

Health Insurance

The needs for expats living in Ecuador are not at all the same, especially when it comes to health insurance.

We partnered with a select group of insurance companies who have provided, in some cases, excusive health insurance plans with terms and exceptions that we have requested that meet your needs.

How do we know your needs? We conducted a survey when we started our broker asking expats about their needs, budgets, acceptable deductibles and overall terms. After working for almost a year with our partner insurance companies, we have health insurance plans that we are confident will cover your needs.


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Auto Insurance

Auto insurance refers to policies that offer financial assistance in the event of accidents involving your car or motorcycle.

Auto insurance is not required by Ecuadorian law, but that does not mean you do not need it.

Ecuadorian auto insurance, by default, includes liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage.

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Travel Insurance

If you are the travelling kind, you must not forget to learn more about travel insurance plans.

Such policies ensure the financial safety of a traveler during a trip. This kind of insurance is a short term plan and tends to cover loss of baggage, travel documents, canceled flights and accidents related to your health and well being.

Click here for a list of full benifits included in our  Travel Insurance plans.

Home Owners Insurance

Any building or immovable structure can be insured through property insurance plans. This can be either your residence or commercial space. If any damage befalls on your property, you can claim financial assistance from the insurance provider.

Home Owners insurance can include coverage of your personal property contained inside the property.

Click here for more details about Home Owners Insurance.

In the US, renters insurance is becoming more and more required by landlords. This is not the case in Ecuador. That said, protecting your belongings inside a rented house or apartment is never a bad idea. Generally, you will not be able to take legal action against your landlord if your belongings are destroyed due to a fire or stolen in a burglary.

Having renters insurance is an excellent way to protect your belongings without requiring you to insurance the apartment or house as well.


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The following contact information is available to facilitate contacting us. Still, to allow us to provide you with the best customer support, please use the contact form on the contact page (click here).

  • 099-520-6384 (within Ecuador)
  • (+593) 995-206-384 (outside Ecuador)
  • info@cuencaexpathealthinsurance.com

Our Team is Your Team

Left to right: Alex Calderon, Daniela Cordero, Monica Mena, Ramiro Crespo

Cuenca Expat Insurance started in 2019 only providing health insurance. In 2021 we expanded our team so that we could also offer our clients insurance in other areas, such as travel, motor, proptery and more. 

Ramiro and Daniela are the founders of what started as a project and in 2020 brought on Alex and Monica to join what is no longer a project, but a full out insurance broker that serves and is trusted by over 91 expat clients.

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