Meet Alex Calderon

Alex will be your agent for the insurance types listed below. He is the very best in this area and brings his 8+ years of experience to guide you and help you find the best coverage available.

Motor Insurance

Motor insurance refers to policies that offer financial assistance in the event of accidents involving your car or motorcycle. Motor insurance is not required by Ecuadorian law, but that does not mean you do not need it.  

Ecuadorian motor insurance, by default, includes liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage.

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Travel Insurance

If you are the travelling kind, one must not forget to learn more about travel insurance plans. Such policies ensure the financial safety of a traveller during a trip. This kind of insurance is a short term plan and tends to cover loss of baggage, travel documents, canceled flights and accidents related to your health and well being.

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Property Insurance

Any building or immovable structure can be insured through property insurance plans. This can be either your residence or commercial space. If any damage befalls on your property, you can claim financial assistance from the insurance provider. Keep in mind that such a plan also offers coverage to the content inside the property.

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Renters Insurance

In the US, renters insurance is becoming more and more comment to be required by landlords. This is not the case in Ecuador. That said, protecting your belongings inside a rented house or apartment is never a bad idea. Generally, you will not be able to take legal action against your landlord if your belongings are destroyed due to a fire or stolen due to theft.

Having renters insurance is an excellent way to protect your belongings without requiring you to insurance the apartment or house as well.

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