Short Term Health Insurance

Ideal for acquiring your Visa and Cedula.


The problem

In order for expats to apply and receive their visas and cedulas, it is a requirement that you have health insurance.

The problem is that the IESS (public health insurance) and most private health insurance companies require that you have a visa/cedula in order to apply.


The solution

We have negotiated a special, limited health insurance plan with one of the companies we work with that will allow our clients to contract a short, 3 month contract in order for you to acquire your visa/cedula.

The idea is that after your 3 month contract, you move to a public or another private health insurance provider for a long term contract with much better coverage.

The Superintendence of Companies of Ecuador

YES, this short term plan and the company is approved as one of the prepaid healthcare providers in Ecuador.

Basic Health Insurance Plan Information

There are additional benifits that apply to this health insurance plan that we can go over with you. But it is important to keep in mind that this plan is really only meant to meet the requirement in order for you to acquire your legal documents. After you have your documents, it would be best to move you to our Intermediate Expense Health Insurance or Major Medical Health Insurnace plan.

Maximum coverage per person • $8,000
Deductible • $80
Eligibility to apply • No age limit
• Any person living in or planning to live in Ecuador.
Coverage • 80% at Clinica Santa Ana or Clinica La Paz (Cuenca).
Contact us for list of clinics and hospitals outside of Cuenca.
Coronavirus • $4000
Waiting period for urgencies and emergencies • 24 hours
Waiting period for all others • 60 days

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