Intermediate Expense Health Insurance

Enjoying day to day life Ecuador

requires a health insurance plan that covers day to day expenses.

Second Medical Opinion

Take confort knowing that you can ask for a second medical opinion when it matters the most.

The Superintendence of Companies of Ecuador

BMI is approved as one of the prepaid healthcare providers in order for foreign residents to obtain their visas.

Low deductibles, average premiums, high coverage.

General Health Insurance Plan Information

Maximum coverage per person, per policy year • $150,000 USD per event
Eligibility to apply • No age limit
• Any person living in or planning to live in Ecuador.
Coverage within Ecuador • 80% with free choice of hospitals and doctors.
Coverage outside of Ecuador and Colombia • Travel insurance is included for emergency or accidents and will cover 100% up to $50,000 after the deductible of $150. Maximum 30 day excursion period.
Copay maximum limit • $1,600 (You won’t ever pay more then this in copays due to hospitilazation!)
ICU w/o application of deductible or copay • 100%
Alternative Medicine • 80% / 20%
Lifetime maximum for organ transplants • $60,000
Medical emergency related to pre-existing conditions • $500

BMI SMILE Dental Plan (BMI Network)

We can recommend a great English speaking orthodontist!

Preventive Care • Consultation with specialists in endodontics, implantology, orthodontics, periodontics or oral rehabilitation clinical and diagnostic examination. Prophylaxis, X-rays, periapicals : 100%
Complex cavities resin, in compound or simple cavities • 70%
Periodontia • 70%

We offer 80% coverage in the following medical areas:
  • In-patient benefits
  • Out-patient benefits
  • Prescription medication
  • Physician and specialist visits
  • Reconstructive surgery in case of illness or accident
  • Diagnostic study services (laboratory tests, pathology, X-rays, MRI/CT/PET scans, endoscopy, cystoscopy, stress test and ultrasound)
  • Cancer tests, medication and treatment (chemotherapy and radiotherapy)
  • Dialysis
  • Prostheses and medical appliances implanted during surgery
  • Second Medical Opinion around the world

*All benefits with 80% coverage are up to the policy limit.

Low deductibles, average premiums, high coverage.

Most plans offer low deductibles at extreamly high premiums. This great benefit generally comes at a high cost to you at premiums north of $300/month.

How does this plan differ?

This plan offers you coverage of up to $100,000, with deductibles ranging from $140 – $2,000. Depending on your age and the deductible you choose, your monthly premium can be as low as $140/month*.

And even better, it is 100% your choice as to what hospital or doctor you choose to visit in Ecuador, we will cover you. For just $140/month* you can be sure that we will have your back covering your medical expenses without limiting you to a closed network of doctors and hospitals.

If you prefer an insurance plan that covers you only in the case of a major medical event, see our Major Medical Health Insurance Plan.

*Pricing is using an example estimate for a 65 year old male. Contact us for your free quote.

Additional benefits with BMI Intermediate Expat Plan

All our clients who acquire our BMI Intermediate Expat Plan have additional benefits and discounts at the following locations:

Contact us to go over the full list of benifits at the different partnered hospitals, clinics and labs.

Other benefits

Benifits apply to plans with deductibes less than $500.

Additional discounts on persribed medication 10% off at qualifying farmacies. 
ICU coverage 100% with no deductible. 
No charge at partner medical centers

Cuenca: Veris and Red Medica.

Guayaquil: Biodimed, Mediglobal, Avantmed, and more.

Quito: Avantmed, USFQ, Hospital de los Valles, Metrored, and more


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